During the past I've been lucky to work on commissioned productions.

But At times I've often composed music for Charity and/or just for fun Videos. 

Check them out here:

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I've been composing music for the 4th Doctor (Tom Baker) on Audio for Big finish for almost 10 Years. When Day of the Doctor was on TV I thought it would be fun to re compose (The original scene music was Murray gold) 

So I Re-Composed the scene with my 4th Doctor Music. Great Praise from the fans My 'Leimotif' for the 4 Doctor Fits rather well if I must say so.

I am a proud user of SPITFIRE Audio. I have been using their sounds recorded in London's Air Studios for a few years now to compose my music.

They Recently ran a fun competition to RE-SCORE a scene from WESTWORLD.

Heres my take.

I was asked to write a 'John Williams - Star Wars Esque' Music for a friends 'MAKE A WISH' Star Wars campaign.


In fact Simon Wilkie who Plays in this is an official C3PO Actor/Double on set of Star Wars.