Since 2009 I've been lucky to have composed music for Many Many Hours of Drama from Doctor WHO to The Avengers.

All through Big Finish Productions who gave me a chance to show I can write music to fit the stories of such iconic shows.

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First Time Composing for Doctor who audios in 2009

Many Ranges scored for and Theme Tunes!

10 Years and Still composing for hours and Hours of Stories.

Prominent 8th Doctor ;'Leimotif'

The Prisoner has gone on to receive great reviews and Series 3 was recently on BBC Radio 4xtra

A Doctor WHO Spin off needed a new theme tune!

Currently Music Composer for

The 60s series "The Avengers"


A New Theme and Incidental Music Composer for 'HIGHLANDER

I'm proud to be the ONLY composer Associated with 'TIMESLIP' a revival of the 70s ATV Series which only had a theme.